Fictionkin Carrd

What is Fictionkin?

Fictionkin is simply described as "believing you were that character in a past life/alternate universe. You see yourself as them and/or have a strong connection to them.

Fictionkin Terminology

Kin/Kintype - The character(s) that you believe you were.

Syn/Synpath - A character that you heavily relate to.

Copinglink/C'link/Link/Linktype - A character that you identify with for coping/fun purposes.

Hearttype - A character that you have a strong connection to without actually identifying as/with that character. This connection can be something like a friend or family.

Fictionflicker: A Kintype that isn't permanent. It seems to "flicker" in and out of existence if you lose interest in that fandom.

Kinshift - Your mind/behavior shifts to a certain character, and you believe you were them at that certain time. Behavior can change, and so can speech patterns.

Selfhood/ID - This is the closest thing to your set identity as your own. You see this character extremely close to yourself, you strongly believe you were this character in a past life. ID and Selfhood mean the same thing.

High Kin - You kinshift to that certain character often, if not most or all of the time. You believe you are that character more than others.

Medium Kin - You kinshift to that character every once in a while. You believe you are that character sometimes, but other kins will be higher than this one.

Low Kin - You do not kinshift to this character often. This character will be the lowest you think that character is you.

Kinmem/Mem - A memory that you may get from one of your Kintypes. It can be anything, from just an idea that you 100% know is true, a feeling, thought, a smell, taste, or physical feeling from your Kintype's life, and even whole "scenes" that can play out in your head. Parts of the canon that you vividly remember from your Kintype's life count as mems as well!

Misconceptions - Terms & Phrases

Kin Delusions - This term is INCREDIBLY ableist and disrespectful to people on the psychotic spectrum. This basically calls our experience just a kin.

IRL [Character] - Continuing from Kin Delusions, if you're kin with a character, please NEVER call yourself the IRL of that character. It's disrespectful for DAs. it confuses us and invalidates the experience of what we go through, not to mention it waters down how intense things may get for us. Please never say a character is "literally you" or "you in the real" if you're just kin.

Switching - This is a DID term. Please never use this term to describe your kinshifts.

Kinnie - This is a word that non-kin used/uses to make fun of the Fictionkin/Otherkin community. It isn't a slur, and it never will be, so don't treat it as such, but if someone doesn't want to be called Kinnie, don't call them Kinnie. It's simple.

Kinning - Kin isn't a verb. The term you may be looking for is kin with! Example: "I'm kin with [character]" instead of "I'm kinning [character]" or "I kin [character]"

Calling Fictives Kin - Exactly how it sounds. Please never do this.

Misconceptions - General

"You can choose who you kin" - You can't. C'Linking and Synning is a choice, being Fictionkin isn't.

"People who believe they used to be that character are taking kinning too seriously!" - Those people are actually using the correct definition of kin. You, however, aren't.

"Kinning is heavily relating to a character." - That definition is Synpath.
"I kin [character] because I relate to them" - Try saying "I syn [character]!"

Also, saying you "kin for fun" isn't being kin. That's C'Linking, so please don't call it being kin.